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Magnetic Jewelry Clasp

Thursday, January 8, 2009

How Magnetic Therapy Works?

By Paul Cris Platinum Quality Author

Indians, Chinese and Japanese have used magnetic therapy for years for treating pains. The therapy uses a magnetic field to treat chronic pain. Usually magnets with north and south poles were used but after extensive research it has been proved that using one pole (north or negative), which has a stronger magnetic field to be beneficial in relieving pain.

Magnetic therapy is increasingly becoming popular nowadays. Sports persons have started wearing magnetic wristbands. Even people who use the mouse for a long time use magnetic wristbands to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. There are a variety of products like magnetic mattresses, beds etc being used by people to get rid of pain.

More and more doctors and psychiatrists are now prescribing magnetic therapy. For years they have been used in treating pain. Billions of dollars are being used every year in manufacturing medical magnets. The most utilized magnetic product is magnetic mattress which helps in joint pain, muscle spasm etc.

Many people with fibromyalgia and arthritis have a positive response with magnetic therapy. Magnetic pillows help people with migraine, while magnetic straps help people with arthritis and relieves the pain. There are lots of magnetic products available for each and every disease. Magnetic therapy has been in use for ages and it is one of the best alternative therapies.

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