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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Magnetic Therapy: Effect On Your DNA

The utilization of the magnet in the field of medication is not new but is continuing for hundreds years. There has been a massive change in the pattern of approach. With the emergence of new technology, magnets are being utilized in a more advanced way to normalize the body functions. The Smart Magnet is the product of the new invention, which has certain magnetic frequencies programmed into its magnetic pattern to max out the effect on a specific area of the body.

Magnetic therapy with the help of smart magnet activates the DNA when these magnets are held close to the skin. The explanation of its working has been cleared in the biophysics. It is vital that the DNA in your cells should receive a good magnetic energy so that it is able to instruct your genes on how to continually maintain the 5‘R’ level.

You must wonder reading this article what these 5 ‘R’ stands for' The 5 ‘R’ are
1. Replenish
2. Rebuild
3. Replace
4. Rejuvenate

We know that there are to sources of energy; the food we eat which is the direct source of energy and the sunlight, which is considered as the indirect source of energy. Apart from these two types of energy there is one more source that provides us with energy and this is magnetic energy that is vital for our survival. The different sources of magnetic energy are the earth's magnetic field, the good or natural foods you eat, the sun, from man made devices, supplements in ionic form and other people that radiate a positive attitude.

The alteration of good DNA energy existing in your body due to the interference of suppressors like electrical devices and appliance for example; Televisions, Cell phones, Microwaves, High electrical tension wires, Computers screens, etc can lead to premature aging, sickness, or terminal illnesses. Even when the food is overcooked the magnetic energy of these food is completely diminished.

Your DNA needs to be fully charged with magnetic energy so as to provide your genes the right information to build healthy cells and this energy can be obtained by eating a variety of raw food with its own frequency and it is these magnetic frequencies that activate and promote your DNA to perform its natural function of directing the genes to produce a healthy body. Failure for your body to rebuild itself will results in a distressed immune system and premature aging. Smart Magnets give you the added magnetic energy to your own internal power. Once charged stop using it but continue eating good charged food to protect yourself from destructive magnetic energies.

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